At Mt View, our focus is making disciples among neighbors, nations, and generations. We actively serve our community with time and resources. We are passionate about spreading the Gospel of Christ among the nations and support mission works and partners around the globe through praying, giving, and going.
Making a Difference among our


We partner with our MtView Elementary school to help support families in need. Each week we prepare a takehome bag with meals to help provide nutritional support through the weekend. You can be a part of the ministry by donating to cover the cost of the meals.

Chainbreakers is a ministry to some of the most vulnerable families in our community. Each week we prepare a meal and visit local hotels/weekly rentals sharing love, friendship, and resources with our neighbors.

We send vans out into the community to offer transport for our weekly ministries for kids and teens. Our desire is to see the kids, teens, and families of our local community come to know and love Jesus! Learn more about our Age-Graded Ministry.

There are more slaves today in our world than at any other time in history. We believe that God desires these victims to be set free. We partner with Rescue 1 global to fight human trafficking in our community and around the world. Learn more about Human Trafficking. Learn more about Rescue 1 global at https://rescue1global.org/

In Nashville since 2003, Charles and Barbara Parker have served as missionaries through InterFACE Ministries. IFACE is a nonprofit educational, Christian organization which networks international students and scholars with culturally sensitive Americans who enjoy cross-cultural friendships and the open exchange of ideas, and which also reaches out to immigrants and refugees. Here at Mt. View, they assist the church in reaching out to adults and children from the diverse nations who have made Nashville their new home.If interested, please contact Charles Parker at cap3105@bellsouth.net

We offer English as Second Language (ESL) class on Wednesday nights. A strong corps of church volunteers expresses the love of Christ to people who need help learning and improving the English language. We currently have a beginner class led by Angie Outlaw, an intermediate class is led by Dr. Charles Parker, and a Citizenship class led by Barbara Parker. All IFACE and MVBC activities are open to individuals and their families regardless of race, nationality, or religious preference. If interested, please contact Charles Parker at cap3105@bellsouth.net

Making a Difference among the


One of Mt.View’s own families has been serving…Jeremy is the Director of the Language and Culture Archives, a storehouse of knowledge and resources about the languages and cultures that Wycliffe serves. This includes academic research, literacy materials, and translated Scriptures. Jeremy is responsible not only for their storage and preservation, but also the important work of sharing these resources with the language communities, with ministry partners, with governments, and with the world. Janell’s role supports archiving and publishing in Africa. The Nordmoe family serves from the International Linguitics Center in Dallas, TX, supporting Bible translation and language development worldwide. Please consider partnering with the Nordmoes’ Wycliffe ministry so that present and future generations may reap the benefits of Wycliffe’s work in Bible translation.

Learn more about Wycliffe and the work the Nordmoe’s are doing at    https://www.wycliffe.org/partner/Nordmoe

The International Mission Board (IMB) is the missionary sending agency of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). From headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, over 3,500 men and women from the churches affiliated with the SBC serve on every continent. Every year hundreds of churches are planted and thousands are baptized. Short-term volunteers are utilized in many mission trips every year to assist full-time missionaries on the field. Each year Mt. View helps support the IMB personnel through Cooperative Program gifts and the annual Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, named in honor of a pioneer Southern Baptist missionary to China.