The Value of a Bird’s-Eye View of the Bible

The Value of a Bird’s-Eye View of the Bible

Our family used to live in the “twin cities” metropolis of Hoxie/Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. Flat, soggy rice farms and constantly used railroads dominated the region’s landscape. Road connections confused me, causing me, at times, to take a circuitous route to the desired destination. I simply did not understand how everything fit together. Then one day, I saw a series of…

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    December 2, 2019
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  • The Value of a Bird's-Eye View of the Bible
    January 3, 2020

In 1925 an American media circus descended on the small town of Dayton, Tn. when the town attempted to prosecute a schoolteacher for the use of Charles Darwin’s Origen of Species, that functioned as an important catalyst for the theory of evolution. Newspapers presented the spectacle as reason v. religion. Since that time many Christians have hunkered down in an…