Faith and reason are complementary not contradictory. Like a team, when they work together they increase their power. When one stumbles the other can provide the needed stability, but when they work against one another, there can be serious trouble. 

In our fallen world many sources charge Christianity with the thought crime of irrationality. These charges are weak attempts to distract people from the hope provided through God’s truth. While Christians can be good thinkers because of their faith, many get sidelined because of certain obstacles that challenge the held truths of the faith. Later we will address these obstacles but in this piece I think it best to identify the major opponents to the Christian mind. 

Top 7 Obstacles to the Christian Mind

  1. Philosophical challenges
  2. Indifference 
  3. Suffering 
  4. Busyness/ distractions
  5. Social Pressure
  6. Immorality 
  7. Ignorance (They do not know)

Which of these obstacles troubles you the most? How has the Holy Spirit helped you through those challenges? We do well not to ignore the challenges to our faith, but to confront them with the mind of Christ.

David Outlaw, Pastor

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